Introduction to LCV

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Our aims

We carry out practical nature conservation in Edinburgh and the Lothians for the benefit of wildlife, people and the environment.

Lothians Conservation Volunteers is a charity registered in Scotland (No: SC020384), and is run entirely by volunteers. We are not political, and we are not involved in campaigning for environmental causes.

The work we do

We work every Sunday on tasks that vary according to the season. We hold a weekend residential task once a quarter or so to give volunteers an opportunity to work further afield.

We work for a range of clients, including conservation charities, local councils and other managers of land with conservation value. Many tasks require large numbers of people working with skill and care - we pride ourselves on being able to do this.

We always ensure the client has a conservation management plan for the work site, so that we can be sure that our work has high conservation value and that the best use is made of our labour.

We go to a wide variety of sites: last financial year (2016/17) we did 591 workdays, at 30 different sites, for 13 different clients.

We do different kinds of practical conservation work, depending on the requirements of the client and on the time of year.

There is more about the kinds of work we do, where we work and some pictures of us at work.

LCV volunteers

We welcome people from all backgrounds who are happy to work outdoors to make a positive contribution to our work of maintaining and improving the local environment.

Our youngest member this year is 18, and our oldest is nearly 80.

We have members from Britain and overseas.

More information about volunteering with LCV


Day tasks are free for volunteers. Residentials cost a little money to cover expenses such as food.

For interested parties we publish further details of our sources of funding.