Bara brith

15/03/2014 Posted by

This Welsh fruit cake is called bara or bread because it looks like a bread loaf - and it's pretty healthy too! If catering for ten volunteers bake two for a hearty pudding or just one if it's for a slice each with a cup of tea. [More]

Barley Risotto with Roasted Squash

15/03/2014 Posted by

An unusual take on a classic risotto using pearl barley as the grain rather than rice. Cheap, tasty and highly calorific! What's not to like? [More]

Butternut Squash, Chickpea and Spinach Curry

15/03/2014 Posted by

A substantial and healthy dish for those that love some spice. [More]

Guinness Fruit Cake

15/03/2014 Posted by

A stick-to-your-ribs Irish delight perfect for re-energising dispirited volunteers. [More]

Potage Parmentier

15/03/2014 Posted by

Antoine-Augustin Parmentier popularised the potato as a human food source in 18th-century France. Apocryphally a version of this hearty soup was first distributed from soup kitchens during times of famine in northern France. [More]

Key Lime Pie

30/09/2013 Posted by

A roaring success whenever she makes it and with only our health in mind, Edel presents her fine scurvy-preventing pudding. [More]

Vegetarian chilli with avocado salsa

19/06/2013 Posted by

Being quick and easy to prepare, this tasty chilli is a tried and tested meal for the first night of a residential after a long day's travel. [More]

Banana Oat Bites

01/01/2013 Posted by

These oat bites provide a lighter dessert experience than usual for LCV. Fruit and oats too - they're practically health food! [More]

Hot potato and lentil curry

16/09/2012 Posted by

A meal in itself, this dish also benefits from rice and any curry sides you happen to like. The level of heat can be varied to suit all tastes. [More]

Saag Paneer

16/09/2012 Posted by

A curry-house classic and nutritious to boot! [More]

Louisa's spinach lasagne

16/09/2012 Posted by

Retaining the colours of the Italian flag, this is a refreshing veggie take on a classic. [More]

Jaffa Cake - er - Cake

25/01/2012 Posted by

Are you bored of that plain old Victoria sponge? Chocolate cake dragging you down? (Not that I'm aware of - Ed) Well no more! Brighten up your resi with a Jaffa Cake cake. [More]

Poached Pears with Star Anise and Cinnamon

25/01/2012 Posted by

Delicious and (mostly) healthy spiced poached pears. [More]

Sponge Pudding with chocolate sauce.

01/07/2011 Posted by

Summer or winter, chocolate pudding is always a treat. Used with success on Lewis and Ben Lawers resis. [More]

Sticky Toffee Pudding

01/06/2011 Posted by

A British classic. Both tasty and highly calorific! [More]

Split-pea and paneer biryani with tomato raita and aloo paratha

01/05/2011 Posted by

A mighty meal of rice, vegetables, pulses and cheese. [More]

Provencal Vegetable Pie

01/04/2011 Posted by

This is a dish of three parts comprising a vegetable filling in a tomato sauce covered with a french bread topping. [More]

Jamaican Black Bean Pot

01/03/2011 Posted by

A nourishing casserole of beans and veg with a Creole kick. [More]

Apple Pie

01/02/2011 Posted by

A favourite that needs no introduction. [More]

Quick Chick Pea Curry

01/01/2011 Posted by

A delicious mild and creamy curry. Thanks to Fiona who made this on a New Year residential in 06/07 and passed on the recipe. [More]