About LCV Residential Tasks

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Residential tasks are great fun and allow LCV to undertake larger tasks further from Edinburgh. They involve a weekend away to work on Saturday and Sunday.

We leave on Friday night and normally take in a chip shop on the way, as well as a trip to the pub for a night-cap when we get there. There is sometimes entertainment laid on for the Saturday night, and we get back to Edinburgh on Sunday evening.

All the meals are provided - breakfast, lunch and the evening meal. A skilled conscript will be in charge of the cooking and we all do our share of the preparation and washing up. The food is usually vegetarian.

Accommodation on residential tasks varies, but it often involves village halls. Showers and proper beds are a bit of a luxury.

Where to meet

Meet on the north side of St Andrew Square at 7.30 pm on Friday night, unless otherwise stated in the Task Programme. For directions to St Andrew Square, look on our map page.

Map of pickup point on North side of St Andrew Square

Map of pickup point on North side of St Andrew Square

What to bring

You will need:

Please make sure that your tetanus vaccination is up to date before coming on task with us.

How to book

You must book in advance by the Wednesday evening before the task.. This is so that we know how many tools to take, how much food to buy and whether there's room in the van, and so that we don't go without you. Please tell us if you have any special dietary requirements.

Please book by telephoning Debbie on 0131 337 0223. If you get the answerphone, leave a landline number and evening number, rather than a mobile number or work number if you can.

Debbie won't call you back unless there is a problem, so if you don't hear from her, assume that a place has been reserved for you.

At the moment, you can't book by e-mail or online.


Transport and accommodation are free.

Food for the weekend normally works out at around £9-10, and you will want a bit of spending money.